Flualprazolam Vendor List

Flualprazolam Vendor List

  • LizardLabs.To (USA + EU)
  • Chemtheory.com
  • Lysergi (Canada)

Lizard Labs


First up LizardLabs.to are now doing domestic orders which makes things far easier if you live in the US. They sell Flualprazolam in powder and pellets. Powder gives you the best bang for your buck if you are making your own. Pellets come in packs of any amount from 100 to 10000’s! Prices are very competitive especially if you are buying in bulk. They stock everything from pellets to powders to blotters and pressing machines.


Chemtheory have been around a while and that’s always a good sign. Although they are European based they do ship to the US. In fact one of their staff told me most of their customers live in the states


Sad to say that Lysergi is closing. It was a bad day when I found my favourite Canadian vendor was leaving the scene. Oh well …

Europe Flualprazolam Vendor List

  • Realchems
  • Smokeyschemsite
  • Orangechems

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