Flualprazolam Review

Before I give out my Flualprazolam review I want to state that you should always be responsible and careful when experimenting with benzodiazepines research chems. So myself and a friend got 120mg of flualprazolam powder and pellets in the mail. They are pretty sharp for domestic and they also sell flualprazolam pellets. We decided to make two 30mL PG solutions with about 60mg in each. All I have to say, this stuff is pretty potent. It’s a pleasureful, warm tranquilizing benzo high that, even at my starting dose (1mg), gave me a lot of muscle relaxation, I felt my anxiety fade away with a slight euphoria.

Flualprazolam vs Alprazolam

It is without doubt stronger than regular alprazolam at about a 2:1 ratio (probably closer to 1.5:1 ratio). It also seems to last a few hours more that generic alprazolam as well. I would recommend getting some to research with yourself if you know your benzos. If you’re already using something heavier it could be a bit underwhelming for you. But, in my experience, it’s definitely a decent chem that deserves some more research if your current tolerance isn’t off the scales already.

Flualprazolam Dosage

So far it feels very light in low doses under .25mg. No euphoria like etizolam. Which I am disappointed in. However, with an increase in dose to .5mg my anxiety is gone and not in the way that makes you instantly loose all your inhibitions and do stupid things. Perhaps this is because I slowly increased my dose. However, I feel that it is important to note that If you were to take .5mg or above at one time you would definitely be capable of doing stupid things and might even blackout.

In low doses around .5mg I would say this is similar to alp but with the anxiety relief and euphoria. In fact this was the best euphoria I can remember having from any benzo analogue. Compared to Etizolam i’d say anxiety relief was stronger but not as much euphoria experience.


I do not advise taking over .5mg dose if it’s your first time trying it and I advise splitting that .5mg in two and waiting to take the last half, wait at least an hour. If your going to work and study I don’t recommend taking flualprazolam because people would know you are taking something. Especially if you go above 0.5mg you can expect to sleep or maybe even blackout if you have no tolerance.

.5mg to 1mg increases the risk of blackout for anyone with no benzo tolerance. It effects my friend more than me so it also depends on the person but always act responsibly and be careful when taking flualprazolam or any benzo for that matter.

For the non tolerant user AT 0.25mg should be day dosage. Dosage of 0.5mg should be considered heavy. You will get some amnesia/possibly sleep…. At .75mg it’s too much for most.

I just redosed because I woke up from a dreamy sleep, so soon I’ll should be relaxed and headed back into dreamland. Just thought I’d put my personal flualprazolam review out there.

Flualprazolam Legal Status

In 2020 as of now Flualprazolam remains completely legal for research in most countries. The only exception is sweden where Flualprazolam is banned. But this may change soon because the  World Health Organization recommended flualprazolam for international scheduling under the Convention on Psychotropic Substances. This is only a recommendation but if history is anything to go by several countries may follow Sweden very soon!

Flualprazolam Vendor List

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